• Accidents and Injuries
          In personal  injury cases, legal fees and expenses are only earned at  the successful end of the case, and fees are paid out of settlement proceeds.  I am always in personal charge of each of my cases, and I communicate directly with each of my clients.  Client telephone calls are always answered or returned promptly by me.  My goal is to spend enough time each client, so that the client has a full understanding of the law and how it affects each case.  I am completely bilingual in Spanish and I take great pride and pleasure in attending to my Spanish speaking clients in their choice of languages.  I can arrange for your medical treatment with doctors (including specialists) who will wait unit your case settles for payment.  If  necessary,  I will be glad to assist you with your vehicle claim at no extra charge. 

  • Commercial Litigation
         My goal is to help my clients with their business matters either as Plaintiffs or Defendants.  These cases are  billed on an hourly basis, but I can work with creative fee structures with flexible payment  terms.  Clients receive periodic statements showing precisely how my time was spent on each matter.


       Mr. Frachtman, a third generation Houstonian, was born in 1953.  After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, he returned to Houston for his business career.  In 1981, he became manager of an oilfield equipment rental and service company, and ultimately was promoted to Vice President of Operations.  During that time, he attended evening law classes at South Texas College of Law.  He opened his law practice in 1993 and in 2007 the office moved to the current location on Richmond Avenue near Kirby in the Greenway Plaza area, where parking is free.   Mr. Frachtman has handled numerous cases in a wide range of legal matters.  Although no lawyer can guarantee a particular legal outcome, Mr. Frachtman always uses his best efforts in his client's behalf.   

The Law Office of Michael Frachtman
3100 Richmond Avenue,  Suite 203,  Houston, Texas 77098
Telephone: 713.651.9977   Fax: 713.651.0819
Law Office of Michael Frachtman
3100 Richmond Avenue, Suite 203, Houston, Texas  77098
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Having practiced as a licensed attorney in Texas since 1993 after completing  his lengthy business career,
Mr. Frachtman has developed the wisdom,  maturity and vision to aggressively represent his clients.

- All types of vehicle accidents and on the job injuries
- Dog bites
- Injuries in stores and places of business
- All other cases of negligence, including medical malpractice

- Breaches of contracts and other business disputes
- All types of insurance claims including property damage

- Divorces
- Custody and child support modification

- Will
- Probate
- Small Estate Administration (No Will)
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Any communication to The Frachtman Law Office may not be treated as privileged or confidential and will not, and should not be construed to, create an attorney-client relationship between The Frachtman Law Office and you or anyone else, except to the extent that Mr. Frachtman expressly agrees in writing to represent you.